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I Am a 

Purpose Fanatic! 

Do you feel like you have a greater purpose beyond your day job or your business? Unsure of where to start?


That’s the same exact feeling I felt after my 2nd year of working in corporate America. 

I knew there was more inside of me, I just didn’t know where to start. During the journey of developing myself and leading others. I learned that purpose is a puzzle and it was up to me to put the pieces of my story together in order begin living a life of purpose. I’ve always dreamed of impacting the world and changing lives one at a time. I’ve stayed a student of personal growth and development. Why? Because I believe it has the power to change us individually, connect communities, be a catalyst to corporations, and transform countries around the world.

You see, my passion in life is growing and equipping others to connect with why they were created and become a fan of their purpose so they can begin making an impact in their jobs, families and communities.   


There’s no greater mission for me. There’s no higher goal than to help others live a life of purpose. That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to what I believe I do best: teach. I’ve been a student of personal and professional growth for over 10 years. During my career in banking, I was a recipient of the 2016 Regional Top 10 Banking Leadership Award. Throughout my Career, I’ve been recognized in South Carolina’s 2018 “Who’s Who in Banking,” for helping bank branches in Greater South Carolina achieve measurable results in Professional Growth and team member development throughout.


To ensure I reach my mission of helping people grow from where they are to where they want to be, I establish alliances that support my mission – such as my affiliation with the, The Benjamin Agency where I am a distinguished member of The Destination Doctors Speaking & Coaching team founded by award-winning Speaker and Executive Consultant, Marcus D. Benjamin.   


Speaking and coaching allows me to meet people of all backgrounds to help them discover purpose in their personal lives as well as their business endeavors. I’ve taught what I know to professionals, business leaders, university staff and students, church members and community leaders.   

"I’ve watched Allen coach fellow millennials to embrace failure and cultivate potential. I’ve listened to him speak with confidence, clarity and competence from the stage. Most importantly, I’ve watched his life and I see personal commitment to the principles he shares. Allen will motivate and bring measurable value to your audience."




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